EXE has constant hourglass spinning

Tool: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, PSScriptPad, PowerShell Module

I am using PowerShell 5.1 and VS Code with PowerShell Pro Tools.

I created a GUI for my script using PSScriptPad. My EXE works great, but the mouse shows it is always spinning when I mouse over the application. This makes placing the curser in text boxes a little tricky. Can anyone suggest anything to check that might explain the constant hourglass?

Thank you for all who offer suggestions.

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Do you know if you’ve set the Cursor property at all on your form?


Thank you for the suggestion. I tried adding that to my $Form1_Load section but it did not resolve the issue. I don’t set that value anywhere else.

For anyone else that runs into this…the problem was that the UseWaitCursor property was set to $true. Setting it to false fixed the issue.

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