Dynamic Content from Carousel Item

This post is actually probably two-fold, and if needed I can happily split them.

Firstly, For some reason, the -Url parameter of New-UDCarouselItem does not seem to send me to a link. Consider the following:

New-UDImageCarouselItem -BackgroundImage $_.Cover -BackgroundRepeat no-repeat -BackgroundSize Auto -Url " https://google.com "

In my mind, that should send me to google’s website when I click on an image, unless I’m mistaken.

Secondly, I would like that link to be a dynamic page which gets loaded. Such that when a user clicks on the image, a veriable gets updated with the title (probably the Subtitle text??) of the clicked item, and that is used to perform a query, and sync all the elements on a Page with the pertinent info.

Am I way off base in thinking something like that is possible, or have I grossly misunderstood dynamic pages (which is entirely possible, reading comprehension is not my strong suit).

The first issue seems like a bug. Please file it on GitHub if you haven’t already.

For the second item, kind of a feature request. We probably need to implement an OnClick handler for this carousel item. Similar to a button, you could put whatever you’d like in there to mess with the page. How does that sound?

the url parameter only work if you show the carousel button this is by design in the react library component will try and fix it

Oooh, that would be swell! I’d get this URL thing filed on GH just now.

just commit a fix for that , but with some breaking changes, i remove all the parameters that related to styles and add one parameter name Style

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