Changing the node name of a PowerShell Universal container?

Does anyone know how I can set the node name of a PowerShell Universal container when I deploy it?

Currently, I am deploying the PowerShell Universal container in Azure Container Instances. When I load up the GUI the node name is set to something along the lines of ‘SandboxHost-638052415325945515’.

Prior to working on scaling out to multiple nodes, I am trying to figure out how to change the hostname to match my container name.

I have attempted setting the environment variable ‘hostname’ however this has not changed the hostname in the console.

root@SandboxHost-638052415325945515:/home# cat /etc/hostname
root@SandboxHost-638052415325945515:/home# hostname

Has anyone been able to set this as an environment variable?

A list of published environment variables for an included stacks (Ubuntu, ASP.NET, etc) would be nice to have if these lists exist.

Many thanks in advance.