Can a column on a page control/update the display of another column?

Sorry if this has been discussed or is in the documentation but I am not able to figure out the correct language to look it up.

I want to put together a page for certificates. The page would be split into two columns. The left column would display a table view (UDGrid) of the certificates, show a few pieces of info and when you select a certificate in the table, all the certificate details would display in the right column on the page in a list view.

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New-UDRow -Columns {
	New-UDColumn -SmallSize 10 -SmallOffset 1 {
		New-UDElement -Tag "div" -Id "results"

And then if you want to update it… Example:

	Set-UDElement -Id "results" -Content {
	New-UDCard -Text "Hello!"

The Important part is the New-UDElement and the Set-UDElement.

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