Auto complete pulling from data base

Is autocomplete possible for a text box pulling info from DB? I hope I am clear. Is there an example

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I have the same question.

The nearest I got to accomplishing this was to have a drop-down list pre-populated, was comlicated to get my head around as a custom enum had to be created, I can see if I still got the code if you are interested as I didnt end up using it in the end.

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Me too. This would be a great control / form input

This works:

It’s dirty as hell, but you could create a rest-api to provide the jquery with some fancy json formatted autocompletedata.

If you remove the 500 millisec delay before executing the javascript it doesn’t work. I’m asuming React renders the page after the $(document).ready starts?

Would advice to look into creating a custom component for this, and not use jQuery :slight_smile:

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